Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!

This past week at St. Mary's School I got the chance to work with the Pre-k kids. This was very exciting for me because throughout highschool I always babysat kids of these age so I had some experience with them. Because it was such a nice day we got to be outside on the play ground where after hearing an exciting "Toy Story" story and handing out fun stickers of the characters I got to play tag. It's really funny to watch a whole group of kids this age play tag because they don't really get the concept of being "it" and it goes from one student being it to about 5 and next thing I knew I was being bombarded by all the "its" and had to get to the base. After that we went inside and they got to sit down and color their favorite characters. One student kept asking me to help her and ended up having me color the whole picture for her while she just colored Bo Peeps dress. Watching the coloring was very interesting. They all had different ways of holding the crayons and they all picked such funny colors for certain things. Before all this we got to evalute a student on her kicking and dribbling skills. It was hard to evalute the kick because a lot of the time she ended up dribbling the ball like she was playing soccer instead of a full out kick. After a few modifications we got to see a real kick and she did almost everything on the checklist perfectly. She also performed really well for the dribbling. She always started out perfect but after a few dribbles she lost it a little but had no problem picking the ball up and trying again, which was great to see!

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  1. Yes, the pre-k children are a lot of fun to work with. They get so excited for everything, it's great.