Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hall of Shame

After reading the article "Hall of Shame" I would have to agree with it. Many of the games in the article are not appropriate for the classroom setting. They do not have enough physical activity for the students and most of the time when the physical activity is happening a lot of students are being embarassed. Although these games were a big thing to do when I was young, I would not use them in the future in the classes I teach.
Some of the games, like dodgeball, can really diminish a childs self esteem. While it can help improve a childs throwing and catching abilities, it can also embarass them if they are unable to perform these skills. It is a game that singles out some students that are weaker in these two skills and not in a good way. When hit these students are forced to leave the game and have even less physical activity.
I do believe that games like dodgeball and the other games in the "Hall of Shame" can be modified to make students want to participate and to include much more physical activity for everyone in the game.

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